Digital Sanitizer Kiosk

digital sanitizer kiosk

There are several advantages to a digital sanitizer kiosk. They are integrated with an attendance management system, have an NSC or IC card reader, and have Android support. You can also connect your kiosk to WiFi or 4G, and the digital sanitizer kiosk comes with built-in audio functionality. Ultimately, these kiosks can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your workplace. Read on to learn more about them and what they can do for you.


A digital sanitizer kiosk combines a touchscreen display with a hand sanitizer dispenser. It features built-in sensors to automatically dispense liquid when a person touches it. NexSigns Digital Signage solutions power this kiosk, which can be remotely updated. This kiosk contributes to the slowing down of the COVID-19 outbreak by making it easy for individuals to wash their hands between activities.

A Digital Sanitizer Kiosk is an innovative hand hygiene aid that is ideal for any healthcare, retail, or educational setting. Whether you’re looking for a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser or a touch-screen display, a digital kiosk can deliver the message you want to spread. With its touch-free dispense technology and a metal enclosure, these kiosks are easy to install and use in any setting.


A digital sanitizer kiosk offers an array of benefits to businesses. In addition to providing a personal hygiene solution for consumers, they can also communicate campus health protocols. The kiosk’s large touch screen provides dynamic messaging and is customizable for each area and audience. It is available in both 15″ and 22″ models and can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand. This type of kiosk is also mobile and can be positioned anywhere in a building.

The 22-inch digital signage solution includes a built-in sanitizing station. It can be configured to display a news feed, video, or message. The touchscreen can be controlled remotely through cloud-based digital messaging software. The touchscreen kiosk also includes motion-sensing capabilities to improve user experience and reduce germ transmission. For even more benefits, digital sanitizer kiosks can be customized for different locations.


Hand sanitizer kiosks are an efficient way to promote healthy living in an environment where germs are prevalent. They are equipped with touchscreens and motion sensors that will release a sanitizer gel when the customer swipes their hand over the touch screen. The digital signage allows multiple messages to be displayed and is customizable with various content types. There are different types of kiosks for different needs, and it’s important to know which one is right for your business.

Some models have an LCD screen and an automatic dispenser. They can deliver liquid, foam, or gel sanitizer. Some even come with an LCD display that lets you choose from a variety of video formats. The kiosk also comes with a built-in sensor that releases the exact amount of antibacterial wash needed. A digital display also helps you manage refill schedules. This type of kiosk is also ideal for public settings.


The cost of a digital hand sanitizer kiosk will vary depending on its size, brand, features, and capabilities. There are wall-mounted and stand-mounted models available. You can contact the manufacturer to obtain the complete specifications and costs of these devices. Some kiosks have WiFi capabilities and can be easily updated with the latest content. The kiosks also feature a plastic drip tray for collecting excess liquids.

A digital hand sanitizer kiosk is a great way to educate people about good hygiene and sanitary practices. These kiosks can also be used for advertising, including slide shows and audiovisual presentations. Many of these machines also include a built-in sensor that releases exactly the right amount of antibacterial wash for each use. The dispenser will also feature an LED to let customers know when it is running low on antibacterial wash.


The installation of a digital hand sanitizer kiosk will help improve worker and customer safety. The device features a 21.5″ Full HD display, a motion sensing camera, a thermal sensor, and an integrated hand sanitizer dispenser. It also offers a wide range of features, including full motion video and still images. It also has an Android OS and can be controlled remotely. Its advanced features include content updates and remote maintenance.

The touchscreen digital hand sanitizer is an interactive touchscreen kiosk that can be installed anywhere. It is equipped with a thermal sensor and can be mounted on a wall or freestanding. Installation of a hand sanitizer kiosk can help businesses unify cleanliness and communications, and it can be remotely updated with software. The kiosk can also display promotions and menus. In addition, it can be updated via 3G or Wi-Fi network connection.