Understanding Packaging


Description: Packaging is an art, science and technology of protecting or enclosing goods for immediate storage, distribution, and sale. The primary objective of packaging is to safeguard the product from external threats, while allowing access through different routes. Packaging also refers to the methodology of creating, testing, designing and maintaining packages. Packaging companies usually employ specialized personnel to oversee the production and quality of packages.

This in brief nutshell explains what packaging does. With the help of packaging, goods get a new look. It is a method of enhancing the visual appeal of a product with the help of appealing graphic design. This is a unique way of marketing your company or brand. Proper packaging not only adds value to your merchandise but also promotes brand visibility. Hence, packaging helps in the promotion and sales of your products as well.

The success of any product packaging lies on the effectiveness of its protection mechanism. Packaging protects a product from external threats like dust, moisture, light, heat, humidity, pests and others. The proper packaging of a product can ensure that these factors do not affect it. Therefore, the effectiveness of packaging depends on various factors. Some of these factors include:

Attractive appearance: Good packaging helps to create an attractive and inviting environment. It creates a good impression on the consumer. Moreover, good packaging allows for a neat and clean display. This promotes the brand and avoids confusion among the consumers. This also facilitates good recall of the product.

Attractive wrapper: A clear, attractive wrapper draws consumers’ attention. Furthermore, a colorful wrapper with special imagery and font enhances the visual appeal of the package. A professional graphic designer of packaging company can create a graphic package wrapping that attracts the attention of consumers and persuades them to open and read the content in the package. This helps in the creation of a higher sale conversion rate. With the help of an effective packaging, a good sales promotion is assured.

High visibility: Packaging which is clear plastic enhances the visibility of a product. It prevents any mishandling and enhances the safety of the item. Customers find it easy to recognize and store it. Also, customers find it easy to open and close the packaging with ease.

Long term storage: Consumers prefer to purchase products which are easily durable and long-lasting. Therefore, clear plastic package provides an environment for durable and long-lasting goods. A long term storage may occur when the product packaging is perforated or opened at room temperature. However, with clear plastic box packaging, this possibility is not possible.

There are various levels of packaging that are available in the market. Knowing the level of packaging plays an important role in the success of the campaign. It is important to identify between the various levels so that the appropriate type of packaging can be chosen and implemented. This enables marketers to reach their target audiences effectively without wasting time on unproductive advertisement campaigns. Hence, proper and high-end packaging contributes towards the growth of the company.

The primary role of packaging serves as a protective covering. However, there are other roles that the product packaging serves in addition to this primary function. The second role of packaging serves is as a promotional tool. This helps in creating brand awareness. In addition, it helps in increasing the sales. It is important to be able to distinguish among these three levels so that the right type of packaging can be chosen and implemented.

The primary packaging refers to the production of the product itself. At times, the production of the product may require a lengthy period before it is ready for dispatch. The time required for production of the finished product may also vary depending on the type of packaging used. For instance, for a food item, the standard packaging would be a cardboard box containing paper.

The third type of packaging is the non-standard, or ready to use, packaging. Sometimes, in certain situations, it is not possible to find the appropriate packaging, and in such cases the companies resort to the non-standard packaging, which is often referred to as the printex transparent packaging. Printex clear plastic is an example of this type of packaging.

The last primary or secondary packaging is the re-use packaging. This type of packaging is often used as a result of the fact that it facilitates easy access to a particular product. The product is put into an environmental friendly package which facilitates recycling. At times, it is also possible to get hold of this type of packaging at a discount price.