Lumina Grand EC is Close to a Selection of Esteemed Schools

lumina grand ec

Lumina grand ec is conveniently situated close to numerous acclaimed schools, making it an attractive option for families prioritizing educational excellence. Residents who prioritize this aspect of their lives will benefit from its closeness; long commute times will no longer be an issue!

Bukit Batok Community Club goes beyond your typical shopping centre by providing workshops, classes, and activities designed to develop residents’ skills while instilling in them a sense of community spirit.

Strategically located in Bukit Batok

Lumina Grand EC represents an idyllic combination of urban convenience and luxurious living, boasting an abundance of amenities that allow future residents to lead healthy lifestyles while lessening their environmental footprint. Bicycle-friendly paths and pedestrian walkways allow residents to walk easily to nearby shopping centres, eateries and parks, enabling them to remain active while remaining healthy.

Lumina Grand Early Childhood Centre is in close proximity to notable schools such as Keming Primary School, which provides an enriching learning environment that fosters creativity and originality, and Bukit Batok Secondary School which emphasizes character building and leadership development, making it an excellent choice for parents prioritizing their children’s education.

Lumina Grand’s proximity to these shopping hubs enhances its residential appeal. Commuters will appreciate its accessibility via Bukit Batok MRT station and bus interchanges nearby; making this location perfect for HDB upgraders looking for premium living areas of Singapore.

Strategically located in Jurong

Lumina grand ec is conveniently situated close to numerous shopping areas that provide an assortment of retail and dining choices, adding further appeal and convenience for residents living here. Homeowners also benefit from being close to top schools like Princess Elizabeth Primary School – making morning school runs stress-free for both parent and child!

The Jurong Region Line (JRL) has had a positive effect on the development of malls, entertainment areas, and dining enclaves near its stations, making Lumina Grand EC homeowners’ commutes to western and northern parts of Singapore easier while at the same time contributing towards Singapore’s vision of sustainable future by opting for green transportation modes like carpooling.

Kwek believes Lumina Grand EC’s location near Tengah New Town and Jurong Lake District gives residents access to top-of-the-line amenities, larger business hubs and recreational destinations, key expressways that reduce traveling time to central business districts across Singapore, and key expressways that cut time off travelling times to these places.

Strategically located in proximity to prestigious schools

The Lumina Grand EC is strategically situated close to top-tier schools, universities, and shopping havens – making it an ideal place for families with young children. Nearby Swiss Cottage Secondary School renowned for its holistic educational approach provides students with skills and values needed for success in today’s ever-evolving world.

Families living in the Lumina Grand EC also benefit from easy access to Keming Primary School, a highly acclaimed institution known for encouraging creativity and character formation. Being just minutes away ensures students can maximize their study hours without spending unnecessary time traveling between classes.

Lumina Grand EC is convenient to both Bukit Batok MRT Station and nearby bus interchanges, while also being easily reachable by Jurong Region Line (JRL), Singapore’s new transit line that links western to northwestern sections. Residents can easily travel between work or meeting friends more quickly; making life at Lumina Grand EC even more enjoyable!

Strategically located in proximity to shopping paradises

Lumina Grand EC’s prime location puts residents within minutes of shopping centres and restaurants, giving them ample opportunity to indulge their favorite pastimes without traveling too far. Furthermore, this area features gorgeous parks such as Bukit Batok Town Park and Beauty Garden Park, giving residents an ideal blend between city living and nature.

As well, this area boasts several renowned educational institutions such as Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), St Anthony’s Primary and DaZhong Primary; providing families with young children a range of schools to ensure they find one that best meets their educational needs.

Alongside these amenities, the area is serviced by an extensive bus network which makes navigating Singapore much simpler for residents. Reliable bus services make commuting to work and other nearby places effortless – saving both time and energy in travel costs. Furthermore, Jurong Region Line will further simplify travel across Singapore.

Strategically located in proximity to the Jurong Region Line

Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to an impressive selection of highly-respected schools makes it an appealing option for families that prioritize education as a top priority. Parents can relax knowing their children have access to world-class educational institutions without long commutes – an important consideration given Singapore’s bustling urban environment.

Residents of this luxurious development will also have access to the Jurong Region Line, providing enhanced connectivity. Travel between western and northern Singapore with greater ease and speed while fulfilling both professional and leisure activities with greater efficiency and speed. Furthermore, using MRT services instead of driving helps reduce carbon footprints thus contributing towards Singapore’s green initiatives.

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Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to the JRL will also enable residents to take advantage of additional shopping and dining opportunities nearby. As MRT lines often act as catalysts for mall development, residents can look forward to witnessing an array of retail and food choices pop up near their homes.